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Unacademy Net Worth in 2024 is 2 Billion Dollars. Unacademy is an Indian Educational Platform which is located in Banglore. In 2015, Roman Saini, Gaurav Manjul, and Himesh shaped this Startup in the form of a Company but the initiative was taken in 2010 from Youtube Platform by Uploading a Video. Now, this Company has 18,000 Educators and Millions of Active Students who learn from the Experts in their particular domain. Today Lets get into the complete Business Analysis that how Unacademy Net Worth has Raised up to 2 Billion in just 6 Years. f you want to learn a new skill, you can join a coaching institute. On Edoxi, you can find courses that offer value for money

Quick Bio  
Name Unacademy
Net Worth 2024 2 Billion Dollar
Founder Roman, Himesh, Gaurav 
Founded in 2015
Revenue 2020 11 Million Dollar
Educator Salary 75,000/-

Unacademy Net Worth:

Unacademy Net Worth in 2024 is 2 Billion dollars. In India, it is the Fastest growing Unicorn Company, especially in the Edu-tech Sector. Its major source of income is Unacademy Plus where they add extra features like live sessions, mock tests, etc. After converting so many Students towards them. Now they converted those traffic into sales by Selling their Paid Subscriptions. Here students are also happy to pay their subscription fees to get quality education at a low price if they compare with offline coaching classes. 

Unacademy Net Worth 2024:

Unacademy Promoter Virat Kohli
Unacademy Net Worth  2 Billion Dollars
Unacademy Net Worth in Rupees  14,831 Crore Rupees
Unacademy Educator Salary  75,000/-
Unacademy Founder Roman, Himesh, Gaurav
Unacademy Revenue Per Year 11 Million Dollar

Unacademy Net Worth in Rupees:

Unacademy Net Worth in Rupees is 14,831 Crore Indian Rupees. Net Worth of Unacademy also depends on the Contributor of Unacademy which are 18,000 in numbers and these Qualified teachers, after joining Unacademy have earned the respect which our new generation have forget to give to the teachers. Apart from Appreciation, Teachers are getting more Pay than the offline coaching institute also.


Unacademy History:

Unacademy was founded in 2015 but the initiative was taken in 2010 by the CEO and the founder of unacademy Gaurav Munjal (a great Businessman)by uploading a video on Youtube. This video was uploaded on 31st December 2010 and that was the day when the whole world is enjoying at Bar but here Manjul was busy in making his new year resolution with the start of his YouTube channel.

Before Unacademy, Manjul started a company FaltChat with Himesh Singh and this Business gain a certain growth in a very short period of time. On the other hand, Manjul continued to upload videos on YouTube channel. In 2014, after getting a positive response from the Audience on his Youtube Channel he decided to Sold his business Flatchat and start focusing on his Youtube Channel and try to convert it into a bigger platform. So both Manjul and Himesh Sold Flat Chat to Common Floor Company and received his profit of 50 Lakh Rupees from FlatChat.

Unacademy Team

Finding a Right Partner :

In 2015, he met Roman Saini (CEO of Unacademy) who was very talented and cleared the medical India test at the age of just 16 and got admission to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Then he clears UPSC exams and after that, he appointed as the Assistant Coordinator.

But after meeting with Gaurav Manjol, Roman Saini inspired by his words and thought that the idea of establishing the Unacademy can change the future of the Indian Education System. He left his IAS job which is a dream of many Indian people and join with Gaurav Manjul and Himesh to make Unacademy India’s top education platform.

Putting Years of experience and day-night struggle finally in 2015, they build the Empire and named it Unacademy. Gradually they launch their App, Sites where they made a video on UPSC, Jee, and other competitive exams too. Apart from the website, they also continue to upload videos on Youtube and later named Manjol’s youtube channel to Unacademy.

Unacademy Wiki:

Unacademy was established to fulfill the need of students who required a tutor for the preparation of their Competitive Exams. Evenly, they also act as a path in between of great Leaders and good Students.

We all know that for the preparation of UPSC, IAS tuition fees are too high that middle-class students can’t afford. Apart from that, students of the village areas traveled from their village to cities to get higher education and they took admission in Kotta Classes, which are so expensive. Apart from coaching fees their traveling charges also become a problem for them. So in order to full fill these problems they started an online education platform and named it Unacademy, where they provide free education for all the students. But now after investing so much from their Marketing Budget. Now they charge a few fees for their Paid Subscriptions. In Unacademy Plus a paid subscriptions they added an extra feature which is not available in their free plans like live sessions, mock test and so on.

Unacademy Live Classes

Unacademy Business Model:

Unacademy has become very successful because of its win-win Business Model. Not only students were frustrated with the high fees of coaching. Teachers were also not deserving their rights in terms of good Salary

Unacademy took the market of the whole Indian education system in India. Finally, history has changed both students and teachers are excited after the rise of Unacademy. 

Unacademy is the online education platform of India. It was the idea of providing quality education at a low price to all the students of India. The initiative was taken by Gaurav Manjol in 2010, by uploading a video on youtube. They kept working in the establishment of a company but the company was registered officially in 2015 & in 2016 they launched the unacademy app & website. Now in 2024, Unacademy Net worth is 2 billion Dollar.


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Mastree For $5 million in July 2020
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People Also Ask For:

1. Who is the owner of Unacademy?

The owner of the Unacademy is called Gaurav Manjul. But Roman Saini and Himesh Singh also added the same effort in the establishment of Unacademy. Gaurav is called the founder of Unacademy because the initiative was taken by him by uploading a video on youtube. Later, they converted their Idea into the shape of a billion-dollar company. Now Unacademy net worth is 2 billion dollars.

2. What is the Net worth of Roman Saini?

In 2022, Roman Saini net worth is 18 Million Dollars. Roman Saini is an Entrepreneur, Educator, a Doctor, and a Co-Founder of Unacademy.  Roman Siani was an IAS Ex-Officer as an Assistant Coordinator but after meeting with Gaurav Manujul, he left his IAS job and started focusing on establishing the Unacademy. 

3. What is the total income of Unacademy?

Unacademy is an Online Education platform that has a revenue of 11 Crore Rupees from operation during FY19. Mostly Unacademy net worth majorly depends on its paid Subscriptions. In 2019, Unacademy has raised its revenue by 6X from last year’s revenue. 

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Brand Ambassador:

In 2024, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has invested in Unacademy. Now he is the brand ambassador of Unacademy


In May 2020, when Unacademy was at its peak Hacker posted on DarkWeb of selling 20 Million active accounts of Unacademy in just 2000$. Later Unacademy authorities confirmed that no private details had been compromised and nothing valuable has missed.

Unacademy Social Handles:

720K Subscribers
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Instagram 976K Followers Click Here
Twitter 132.3K Followers Click Here
Facebook 1.1 Million Followers Click Here
Linkedin 284K followers Click Here

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