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Kunal Shah

Kunal Shah net worth in 2021 is $806 million. Kunal Shah is one of the finest and most successful Entrepreneurs from India. He is 38 years old, the Founder and CEO of Cred. An innovative solution provider for credit card users. Shah had earlier launched ventures such as PaisaBack, a cashback and promotional discount campaign platform for retailers. Today let’s do a complete analysis of his life that how Kunal always comes through failure and made his business successful and also discussing Kunal Shah net worth, Wife, Age, Wiki, etc.

Quick Bio  
Full Name Kunal Dilip Kumar Shah
Net Worth 2021 809 Million Dollars
Net Worth in Rupees 5985 Crore Indian Rupees
Wife Bhavna Shah
Age 38 Years
Profession Businessman

Kunal Shah Net Worth:

Kunal Shah net worth in 2021 is 809 Million Dollars. He is a Serial Entrepreneur, who started back in 2009 with his venture PaisaBack and free charge in 2010. Freecharge was his biggest stint which was later sold successfully to snapdeal for $400 million. Shah introduced Cred in 2018 with his continuous effort ships. In 2021, Shah reportedly raised $215 million from investors with valuing the firm at 2.2 billion USD. In 2021, Kunal Shah Net worth is estimated to be around 809 million USD, which in rupees is Rs 5985 crores.

Kunal Shah Net Worth 2021: 

Real Name Kunal Dilipkumar Shah
Kunal Shah Net Worth 809 Million Dollars 
Kunal Shah Net Worth in Rupees 5985 Crore Rupees
Kunal Shah Salary Per Month 75 Crore Rupees
Kunal Shah Anual Income 800 Crore Rupees
Kunal Shah Height in Feet 5 Feet 8 Inch
Kunal Shah Weight  92 KG
Kunal Shah Age  38 Years

Kunal Shah Net Worth in Rupees: 

Kunal Shah net worth in Rupees is 5985 Crore Indian Rupees. The Net Worth of Kunal Shah is majorly dependent on his own build Company Cred which has a valuation of 1.2 Billion dollars. Cred is not the first company that Kunal Shah has build before CRED he also founded Paisaback, Freecharge which later he sold and earned a huge profit from it. Apart from his Building the Fortune ability he also invested in multiple companies which yearly give a dividend to him and added a small addition to cred founder Kunal Shah net worth.

Kunal Shah Net Worth
Kunal Shah Net Worth

Physical Appearance(Kunal Shah Height): 

Age 38 Years
Height in cm 167  cm
Height in Feet  5′ 6”
Weight in Kg 92 KG
Chest Size 40 Inches
Waist Size 36 Inches
Biceps Size 18 Inches

Kunal Shah Biography:

Kunal Shah was born on the 20th of May, 1983 in Mumbai, Maharashtra coming from a humble background. He belongs to a business family which primarily deals with Pharmaceuticals distribution in South Bombay. Shah graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wilson College in Mumbai and pursued MBA from Narsee Institute of Management studies before dropping out. Shah started working as a junior programmer as a teenager due to some financial crisis back in 2000.

Kunal Shah faces challenges and failures in his entrepreneur journey but, he refuses to give up. Shah proved that no one wants an MBA or any degree to become an Entrepreneur, if you have the guts to showcase yourself at the highest levels you must have to keep on grinding and hold the leap of faith to accomplish anything in this World.

Shah invented ventures paisaback in 2009 a cashback offer for retailers, Free charge in 2010 which was later sold to Snapdeal in $400 million. In 2018, Shah becomes the founder and CEO of Cred. Cred is innovative and helpful for credit card users in many ways.

Real Name Kunal Shah
Nick Name Keynote Spreaker
Date of Birth 20 May 1983
Height in Feet 5′ 6”
Net Worth 2021 809 Million Dollars
Net Worth in Rupees 5985 Crore Rupees
Annual Income 800 Crore Rupees
Education MBA Dropout
Profession Businessman
Wife Bhavna Shah
Company CRED
Mobile Number 91-975646112

Achievements Awards: 

Come Back Awards Economics Times 2016
Economics Times 40 Under 40 Times of India 2016
Fortune 40 Under 40 Fortune 2016
Last Updated 2021

Kunal Shah Carrer: 

Kunal Shah started his journey as a junior programmer at a business process outsourcing company called TIS International Inc 2000, after dropping out from MBA. His financial crisis led him to work in his early teenage, from August 2000 to 2009 he worked in multiple companies as a CEO while achieving his goals and the hardships he faced during his journey.

Kunal Shah’s startup venture was a company paisaback that provides cashback promotions to organized retailers. He also tried to tie good relations with localized centers of companies like McDonald’s, Barista Coffee, Dominos, Croma to offer cashback offers to the customer which were referred by Paisa back but he couldn’t do well there and faced failure by online players like smartphone, coupon Duniya and others.

Kunal Shah Seminar

He also worked for the company tandom advance device Ltd which deals with Healthcare insurance and account payable projects. In 2010, Kunal Shah along with Sandeep Tandon founded Freecharge by Seeing the potential of online recharging in a growing market.

From The generated revenue from the acquisition of his company, he invested both in India and abroad startups like Pianta (health care service startup), Unacademy(Ed-tech startup), Razorpay (billion-dollar fintech startup).

Kunal Shah Age:

In 2021, Kunal Shah Age is just 38 Years but if we look at his picture he looks like a 50 Years old man with a white beard and tons of knowledge and experience. Shah looks more than his real age he is not a fan of fitness like other Foreign Billionaires. Now he is just 38 Years old and he has achieved many things in life and also if he continues to work with the same passion he is going to the richest man in India

Kunal Shah Family: 

Kunal shah was born on 20 May 1983 in Mumbai. Shah belongs to a business background family. His family deals with Pharmaceutical distribution in South Bombay. He doesn’t reveal the name of his relatives publically.

As shah love technology and he also wanted to have a partner who also belongs to his category so he married Bhavna Shah who is a professional Graphic designer and now she is working with Kunal Shah and support him to add more productivity to his work. 

Full Name Kunal DilipKumar Shah
Father Name Didn’t Know
Mother Name Didn’t Know 
Family Business Pharmaceutical Distribution 
Wife Bhavna Shah
Religion Hinduism 

Kunal Shah Salary and Income: 

As we already discussed the Kunal Shah Net worth is 809 Million dollars. But have you ever thought that how much Kunal shah earns per month which makes his net worth closest to Billion Dollars? Well, according to the news Report Kunal shah salary per month is 75 Crore Rupees. His major source of income comes from his investment and also earns from the dividend that he got from his own company.
         Cred is a very unique and best business idea which targets upper-class people who have a credit card means they have more potential to buy anything online. So in the next few Year Cred is going to cover all the credit card users which directly adds value to Kunal Shah net worth.

Net Worth in 2021 809 Million Dollars
Net Worth in Rupees  5985 Crore Rupees
Salary Per Month 75 Crore Rupees
Annual Income 800 Crore Rupees
Profession Businessman

Kunal Shah Photos

Favorite Books:

Hard Thing About Hard Things Ben Horowitz
Zero to One Black Masters and Peter Theil 
Predictably Irrational  Dan Ariely 
The Monk who Sold his Ferrari Robin Sharma

Favorite Things:

Favorite Cricketer Virat Kohli
Favorite Actor Akshay Kumar 
Favorite Actress Alia Butt
Favorite Youtuber Mumbiker Nikhil 
Favorite Personality Vivek Bindra
Favorite Singer Sidhu Moose Wala
Favorite Comedian Kapil Sharma
Favorite Businessman Bhavish Aggarwal
Favorite Place  Goa

People Also Ask :

1. Is Kunal Shah a billionaire?

In the Year 2015, Kunal Shah net worth was reported at 1.3 Billion dollars. It was assuming that Kunal shah net worth was raised from selling Freecharge to Spnapdeals in 400 million dollars. It was the biggest deal in internet history at that time. Now, Kunal Shah net worth 2021 is 809 Million Dollars, and it is nearest to become a billionaire again. 

2. Is Kunal Shah married?

Yes, Kunal Shah is married. He married Bhavna Shah who is a professional graphic designer. As Kunal shah is the Techguy so he also wanted a life partner who has a knowledge of this digital world rather than marrying any school teacher or a housewife. 

3. Why is Kunal Shah so famous?

Kunal Shah is a Serial Enterpreneuer. He has launched more than 10+ Startups till today. Kunal Shah is famous due to his unique business ideas. Now in 2021, he is a talk of a town after launching CRED and as of now, CRED company has a valuation of 1.2 Billion Dollars. Shah has launched crazy business ideas in which investors are scared to invest. Due to his love towards technology and risk-taking ability people called him Elon Musk of India.  

4. Is Kunal Shah an Engineer?

Shah has founded up to 10+ Startups from building Freecharge to Cred. All of his startups somehow related to technology So people called him Techguy but the reality is that he is an MBA Dropout. He is a tech founder with no engineering background. 

Kunal Shah Social Accounts: 

Instagram 94.5K Followers Click Here
FaceBook 64K Followers Click Here
Twitter 375.9K Followers  Click Here

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